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Just found out, via David Ludwig's Facebook Page that the "Two X Four" album I recorded with Jennifer Koh and Jaime Laredo as principal viola of the Curtis 20/21 Chamber Orchestra is a Grammy Award contender in 5 different categories. Ludwig's composition "Seasons Lost," from the same CD is in the running for "Best Contemporary Composition." So exciting! Listen to the album if you have not gotten to yet, and vote!
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The much anticipated Two x Four Album of double concertos performed by Jaime Laredo, Jennifer Koh, and the Curtis 20/21 Chamber Orchestra has just been released! It was an honor to serve as principal viola for the 20/21 Chamber Orchestra, and this exciting project. Follow this link for more information, or to purchase and listen to the album.
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One of several interesting articles from NPR's Deceptive Cadence blog series. "From the Top alumna Ren Martin-Doike, a 20-year-old violist who now studies at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, says that her number one practice technique is to write down those benchmarks: “Set goals, hold yourself accountable to them and create a practice log you can be proud of!” “The only way I have found to efficiently work on large amounts of different kinds of repertoire — solo, chamber, orchestral — is to have a premeditated plan,” Martin-Doike continues. “For instance, I may decide to devote my first practice block to warming up, my second block to working on isolating difficult passages from a concerto, my third to putting fingerings in my orchestra part, my fourth to studying a new chamber work and spend my last block on playing through or stitching together the various smaller sections I worked on earlier in the day. By having a plan, I am able to maximize my time, juggle lots of
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View selections from photos I took during the Curtis Symphony Orchestra's May 2012 appearance at the Dresden Music Festival in Germany.
When One From the Top Alum Inspires Another « From the T... added by ren on 31 Mar 2011 tag | report
How William Harvey inspired me to create my own performance opportunities:
‘Tis the Season…Audition Season, That Is! « From the Top ... added by ren on 31 Mar 2011 tag | report
My latest article on the From the Top Green Room blog on preparing for auditions, particularly college auditions. Hope it helps you and good luck!
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