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Pilates Studio in Delhi, Pilates Classes in Delhi | Monic... added by sunaina4 on 22 Jun 2020 tag | report
The studio caters especially to Expats and Foreign clients and we offer specialised Pilate Classes on Mat and Pilates Equipment. The Mat is offered in group form whereas equipment based classes are one on one. The Mat classes are very challenging and interesting since we incorporate lot of variations using different props. Every class focuses to have a new experience altogether. Studio The aim is to work along the basic principles of Pilates, provide safe workout, strengthen your weaker areas and meet the targets which you desire, to give an overall new awareness to your body and you , which you might have never experienced before. Sometimes the classes are mixed with strength training using light weights and sometimes cardiovascular regime is introduced in between the routines. The workout varies from day to day. The Programs here are very balanced and goal oriented. A lot of research goes in to design these sessions for the members. Pilates along with cardio like running, swimming,
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