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Still: Old California N/A
Back-announce and Introduction to William Grant Still (1:26) N/A
Old California (8:38) N/A
Still: Gamin
Gamin (2:28) N/A
Still: Mother and Child N/A
About William Grant Still works... (0:25) N/A
Mother and Child (6:43) N/A
Still: Symphony no 1 "Afro-American Symphony" N/A
Moderato assai (6:32) N/A
Adagio (4:38) N/A
Animato (3:02) N/A
Lento, con risoluzione (7:43) N/A
Still: From the Hearts of Women N/A
Little Mother (4:00) N/A
Mid Tide (3:23) N/A
Coquette (1:50) N/A N/A
Bereft (2:28) N/A
Still: Grief
Grief (2:21) N/A
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