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Barber: Knoxville, Summer of 1915, Op. 24
Knoxville, Summer of 1915, Op. 24 (16:19) N/A
Menotti: Le dernier sauvage (The Last Savage)
See how the dying sun sinks in a sea of green/Ah, how fortune waits in hiding to surprise us!...The sun is going and we must go too (8:40) N/A
Menotti: The Saint of Bleecker Street
Oh, sweet Jesus, spare me this agony (9:05) N/A
Menotti: The Consul
Recording Date: Fri 4 Feb 2011
I shall find for you shells and stars (3:14) N/A
Menotti: Goya
"Ora che siam soli...Ridi se vuoi" (8:14) N/A
Menotti: Songs (5) N/A
Recording Date: Fri 4 Feb 2011
The Eternal Prisoner (3:04) N/A
The Idle Gift (3:42) N/A
My Ghost (3:32) N/A
Menotti: Canti della lontananza N/A
Recording Date: Fri 4 Feb 2011
Mattinata di neve (2:27) N/A
Il settimo bicchiere di vino (0:53) N/A
Dorme Pegaso (1:53) N/A
Rassegnazione (3:16) N/A
Schubert: Schwanengesang, D 957 N/A
Frühlingssehnsucht (3:02) N/A
Kriegers Ahnung (5:34) N/A
Liebesbotschaft (2:48) N/A
Ständchen (4:14) N/A
Aufenthalt (3:38) N/A
Carter: Cantata N/A N/A
Prelude (0:57) N/A N/A
Rondo: Peter Go Ring dem Bells (4:11) N/A N/A
Recitative: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (2:26) N/A N/A
Air: Let Us Break Bread Together (2:39) N/A N/A
Toccata: Ride On King Jesus (2:39) N/A N/A
Weill: Lady in the Dark N/A
The Saga of Jenny (5:00) N/A N/A
Weill: Youkali (Tango Habañera) N/A
Youkali (Tango Habañera) (6:14) N/A N/A
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