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Chen Yi: Tu for Wind Ensemble
Composer: Chen Yi
Conductor: David Kehler
Tu for Wind Ensemble (12:00) N/A
Reed: Allelujah! Laudamus Te
Composer: Alfred Reed
Conductor: David Kehler
Allelujah! Laudamus Te (6:43) N/A
Nelson: Lauds
Composer: Ron Nelson
Ensemble: KSU Concert Band
Lauds (5:55) N/A
Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy N/A
I - Dublin Bay (Lisbon) (1:33) N/A
II - Harkstow Grange (3:11) N/A
III - Rufford Park Poachers (4:49) N/A
IV - The Brisk Young Sailor (1:42) N/A
V - Lord Melbourne (3:48) N/A
VI - The Lost Lady Found (2:32) N/A
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