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Baumgardner: John Frum Lives! N/A
I - Horizons are Indistinguishable from Magic (Money for Nothin’ and the Chicks for Free) (3:29) N/A
II - Fanfare for February 15th (John Frum Day!) (2:30) N/A
III - Wooden Headphones (This Year’s Must Have Fashion Accessory for the Truly Faithful) (2:53) N/A
IV - Trance of the Radio Priestess (Calls the Faithful to Their Knees to Hear the Softly Spoken Magic Spells) (2:30) N/A
V - 19 vs. 2000 (You’ve been waiting for John Frum for 19 years, is it possible he’s just not coming?) (3:16) N/A
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