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Klughardt: Wind Quintet in C Major, op. 79 N/A
Allegro non troppo (6:43) N/A
Allegro vivace (4:20) N/A
Andante grazioso (4:18) N/A
Adagio – Allegro molto vivace (5:57) N/A
Ibert: Trois Pièces Brèves N/A
Allegro (2:32) N/A
Andante (1:35) N/A
Assez lent – Allegro scherzando (3:18) N/A
Nichols: Wildflower
Wildflower (8:56) N/A
Berlioz: Roméo et Juliette, Op. 17 N/A
Composer: Hector Berlioz
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia
Introduction: Combat and Tumult, Intervention of the Prince (4:29) N/A
Romeo Alone; Grand Festivities at the Capulets’ House (13:01) N/A
Love Scene (16:51) N/A
Scherzo: Queen Mab, the Fairy of Dreams (7:57) N/A
Romeo at Juliet’s Tomb (9:17) N/A
Reed: Russian Christmas Music
Composer: Alfred Reed
Conductor: William Drury
Russian Christmas Music (13:36) N/A
Firsova: Captivity
Composer: Elena Firsova
Conductor: William Drury
Captivity (10:34) N/A
Hindemith: Symphony for Concert Band in B flat major N/A
Moderately fast, with vigor (6:53) N/A
Andante grazioso (5:13) N/A
Fugue (5:13) N/A
Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances, Op. 45 N/A
Conductor: David Loebel
Ensemble: NEC Symphony
Non allegro (11:38) N/A
Andante con moto (Tempo di valse) (8:31) N/A
Lento assai - Allegro vivace (13:12) N/A
Chopin: Concerto for Piano no 1 in E minor, B 53/Op. 11 N/A
Conductor: David Loebel
Ensemble: NEC Symphony
Allegro maestoso (19:08) N/A
Romance: Larghetto (8:59) N/A
Rondo: Vivace (10:08) N/A
Agócs: Shenanigan
Composer: Kati Agócs
Conductor: David Loebel
Ensemble: NEC Symphony
Shenanigan (4:45) N/A
Britten: Quartet for Strings no 3, Op. 94 N/A
Composer: Benjamin Britten
Conductor: John Heiss
Duets (5:53) N/A
Ostinato (3:23) N/A
Solo (5:57) N/A
Burlesque (2:12) N/A
Recitative and Passacaglia (10:52) N/A
Heiss: Mosaics and Fanfare
Composer: John Heiss
Conductor: John Heiss
Mosaics and Fanfare (8:48) N/A
Harbison: Milosz Songs N/A
Composer: John Harbison
Conductor: John Heiss
Prologue: from Lauda (2:09) N/A
What Once was Great (2:57) N/A
So Little (2:29) N/A
When the Moon (2:32) N/A
On Old Women (3:08) N/A
Epilogue: from Winter (2:41) N/A
Post-epilogue: Rays of Dazzling Light (2:29) N/A
Ligeti: Ten Pieces for Woodwind Quintet N/A
Composer: György Ligeti
Conductor: John Heiss
1. Molto sostenuto e calmo (2:09) N/A
2. Prestissimo minaccioso e burlesco (1:00) N/A
3. Lento (1:43) N/A
4. Prestissimo leggiero e virtuoso (1:07) N/A
5. Presto staccatissimo e leggiero (0:31) N/A
6. Presto staccatissimo e leggiero (1:30) N/A
7. Vivo, energico (1:06) N/A
8. Allegro con delicatezza (2:36) N/A
9. Sostenuto, stridente (1:12) N/A
10. Presto, bizzarro e rubato (1:48) N/A
Mozart: Serenade for Winds no 10 in B flat major, K 361 (370a) "Gran Partita" N/A
Largo - Allegro molto (8:42) N/A
Menuetto (8:44) N/A
Adagio (5:49) N/A
Menuetto: Allegretto (4:38) N/A
Romanze: Adagio (6:25) N/A
Tema con variazioni (8:49) N/A
Finale: Molto allegro (3:49) N/A
Respighi: Antiche danze ed arie per liuto (Ancient Airs and Dances), P. 114 N/A
Arranger: Phil Snedecor
Conductor: William Drury
Gagliarda (2:52) N/A
Siciliana (3:50) N/A
Balletto detto Il Conte Orlando (4:08) N/A
Passacaglia (3:25) N/A
Passa mezzo e mascherada (4:31) N/A
Toensing: Evening Prayers (2012)
Evening Prayers (2012) (8:13) N/A
Whitacre: A Boy and a Girl
Composer: Eric Whitacre
Conductor: Erica Washburn
Recording Date: Mon 29 Apr 2013
A Boy and a Girl (4:51) N/A
Young: Songs of Contemplation N/A
Composer: Robert H. Young
Conductor: Erica Washburn
Recording Date: Mon 29 Apr 2013
Sing Me a Song (3:29) N/A
Requiem (1:51) N/A
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