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Anderson: Sleigh Ride
Composer: Leroy Anderson
Conductor: Craig Pare
Sleigh Ride (2:59) N/A
Herbert: March of the Toys
Composer: Victor Herbert
Conductor: Craig Pare
March of the Toys (4:07) N/A
Jongen: Symphony concertante for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 81
IV - Toccata (Moto perpetuo): Allegro moderato (7:32) N/A
Ives: Variations on "America"
Variations on "America" (7:19) N/A
Mackey: Aurora Awakes
Composer: John Mackey
Conductor: Craig Pare
Recording Date: Thu 24 Apr 2014
Aurora Awakes (12:04) N/A
Alarcon: Tramonto
Tramonto (7:23) N/A
Mozart: Serenade for Winds no 10 in B flat major, K 361 (370a) "Gran Partita" N/A
III - Adagio (5:24) N/A
IV - Finale: Molto allegro (3:50) N/A
Shaw: Concerto for Clarinet
Concerto for Clarinet (9:00) N/A
Puckett: Avelynn's Lullaby
Avelynn's Lullaby (8:49) N/A
Fuchs: United Artists
United Artists (5:51) N/A
Weinberger: Polka and Fugue from "Švanda dudák" (Schwanda the Bagpiper)
Polka and Fugue from "Švanda dudák" (Schwanda the Bagpiper) (8:08) N/A
Sibelius: Preludio
Preludio (5:14) N/A
Beckel: Symphony for Band N/A
Allegro Jubiloso (6:28) N/A
Largo (5:54) N/A
Maestoso (6:32) N/A
Jacob: Old Wine in New Bottles N/A
The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies (2:43) N/A
The Three Ravens (2:31) N/A
Begone, dull care (2:14) N/A
Early one morning (5:03) N/A
Schuman: Chester Overture for Band
Chester Overture for Band (6:17) N/A
Beckel: The American Dream
The American Dream (4:06) N/A
White: Miniature Set for Band N/A
Prelude (1:48) N/A
Monologue (2:22) N/A
Interlude (1:49) N/A
Dialogue (2:40) N/A
Postlude (1:50) N/A
Persichetti: Pageant
Pageant (7:41) N/A
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