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Marks: The Little Death: Vol. 1 N/A
Composer: Matt Marks
Artist: Matt Marks
Penetration Overture (5:09) N/A
OMG I'm Shot (7:32) N/A
I don't Have Any FUn (3:28) N/A
Dear (4:32) N/A
Come Boy (2:24) N/A
He Touched Me (4:42) N/A
Kinda (Go To Sleep) (4:18) N/A
I Like Stuff (4:34) N/A
Jesus Loves You (5:01) N/A
Sing (2:35) N/A
And You Know Jesus (6:02) N/A
The Infinite Hotel N/A
If You Don't Want To Be Alone (I Will Never Leave You) (4:36) N/A
The Child Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was (4:07) N/A
Wolf Song (3:44) N/A
Box Song (5:47) N/A
Stranger Love
Act II, Spring (2:42) N/A
Black Inscription
Blue Abyss (4:12) N/A
Gordon: Acquanetta
Composer: Michael Gordon
Music from Scene 1 (5:47) N/A
Marks: Mata Hari
Composer: Matt Marks
Excerpt (2:41) N/A
Nova: Blind to the Illness
Composer: Shara Nova
Blind to the Illness (provided courtesy of WQXR) (3:59) N/A
Small: Moma Jeste
Composer: Sarah Small
Moma Jeste (3:49) N/A
Mazzoli: Opera, Song from the Uproar
Composer: Missy Mazzoli
Here Where Footprints Erase the Graves (7:52) N/A
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