ninaperlove - YouTube - 4:27
Performed 2016 at the Tribute Concert for Katherine Hoover for her National Flute Association Lifetime Achievement Award I was honored to have been invited by Hoover to play her music on this conc...
4 months ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 3:01
with Dianne Frazer, piano mvt. 3: Drunken Friar LIVE at NFA 2016 - Tribute Concert to Katherine Hoover in honor of her Lifetime Achievement Award more free flute videos at http://www.REALFLUTEpr...
4 months ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 6:56
This video is kindly sponsored by my friends at The Flute Center of New York Their support keeps the REAL FLUTE project FREE for you! I've done business with Phil Unger and his...
9 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 4:43
Nina Perlove, flute Cameron Hofmann, piano Opening solo in one breath Live at NFA 2018, Orlando, FL Hear the entire live performance here: https://realfluteproje...
6 months ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 2:48
Nina is available for online flute lessons. All ages and levels. Click here: http://realfluteprojec... then go to teaching Bourree Anglaise by JS Bach from Partita in a minor Nina Perlove, ...
9 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 2:32
YouTube Symphony guitarist Celso Garcia and I are hoping to find some time to play chamber music while we are both in NYC for the summit. He uploaded himself playing Cafe 1930 from Piazzolla's Hist...
9 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 4:20
Nina Perlove, flute Song Hun Nam, piano Live in concert Dec. 3, 2008 SORRY...This video has a strange bit of clapping heard toward the end of the piece, a technical g...
9 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 1:53 Performed Live by Nina Perlove at Northern Kentucky University April 22, 2007. Visit my channel for more flute videos and information about me.
10 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 6:36
Nina Perlove, flute and Dianne Frazer, piano perform Robert Muczynski Sonata live at National Flute Assoc. Convention 2017 in Minneapolis. Nina is a Gemeinhardt Artist and plays the Gemeinhardt Ha...
1 year ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 3:52
http://www.realflutepr... At the 2017 NFA convention, it was so fun to perform on the Cabaret Concert with Project Trio! Thanks to http://.www.Gemeinhard... for sponsoring the concert and ...
1 year ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 3:06
Flutist Nina Perlove is available for web lessons. http://www.ashburymusi... also visit me at You can buy this sheet music he...
10 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 5:18 I was feeling a "jazzy" element in the piece when I played it this time so I experimented with the sound and phrasing. Tell me what you think.
10 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 8:43
LIVE: October, 2014 It was an honor to perform with legendary chamber musician and pianist Charles Wadsworth at the Constella Festival, 2012. In this video, I am playing on a Garner Tantalum...
4 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 7:16 Nina Perlove flute and Toni Sheffer, piano, live in concert at Northern Kentucky University. Fantasy on themes of Bizet's Carmen by Francois Borne arranged by Robert Sta...
10 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 5:13 While playing this Fantasy I imagined a conversation between two flutists from different worlds, one from the Baroque period and one from 2007, so I experimented with so...
10 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 0:56
Caprice #19. visit me at for more free videos, blogs and flute resources.
10 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 3:51
Help is here for articulating the low register on the flute - a mini masterclass featuring the Cantabile et Presto of George Enesco (aka Enescu). Flutist Nina Perlove plays a gemeinhardt "White" se...
3 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 5:26
Mini flute masterclass on TRILLS (also for other woodwinds), by Nina Perlove. http://www.realflutepr...
3 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 4:46
http://www.realflutepr... Nina Perlove, flute Timothy Hester, piano Nina is a Gemeinhardt and Brio clinician http://www.gemeinhardt... Click here to buy this music: http://www.sheetmusicp...
6 years ago
ninaperlove - YouTube - 4:38
This is a reupload of a video I uploaded in 2008, but there was distortion on that video, so now that youtube audio quality has improved (and I've learned some tricks to help reduce distortion), I ...
7 years ago
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