perimauer - YouTube - 6:07
PIXELIANCE, for flute, harp, marimba (2012/2017) Peri Mauer, composer Da Capo Chamber Players Celebrate Bard Patricia Spencer, flute Sara Cutler, harp Jon Clancy, marimba Recorded live at Bard Co...
5 months ago
bardconservatory - Vimeo - 10:44
Students of the Bard Conservatory perform in concert with clarinet faculty Laura Flax at the Bard Music Festival.
11 years ago
bardconservatory - Vimeo - 5:16
Dawn Upshaw leads a masterclass with her Bard Conservatory students.
11 years ago
bardconservatory - Vimeo - 6:29
David Krakauer performs "Der Heyser Bulgar" with the Bard Conservatory Orchestra.
11 years ago
bardconservatory - Vimeo - 6:46
Melvin Chen conducts the Bard Conservatory Orchestra in the finale to Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 2.
11 years ago
bardconservatory - Vimeo - 5:42
Bard Music Festival--Prokofiev and his World The festival presented a wide range of Prokofiev's work and music by his teachers, contemporaries, and successors, including Sergey Taneyev, Aleksand...
11 years ago
bardconservatory - Vimeo - 3:26
Richard Goode works with two Bard Conservatory undergraduates in a public master class, and also provides some commentary on Bard's approach to educating musicians.
11 years ago
bardconservatory - Google Video - 14:22
This film depicts the students and faculty of the Bard College Conservatory of Music in 2005, as its first class embarked on a pathbreaking journey through the nation's first fully-integrated doubl...
12 years ago
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