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Entries are now open for Strike A Chord! We're on the hunt for Australia's best high school ensembles. Cash and prizes to be won! Entries close 21 May 2020. Learn more here -
6 days ago
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Australia's most recognised and beloved pianist, Piers Lane, joins his dear friends the Goldner String Quartet in a national tour that marks the quartet's 25 years of musical brilliance. The Goldn...
8 days ago
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A man, a piano, and you. Garrick Ohlsson is a revered American pianist, a master of the intimate art of the solo recital. His commanding presence – very tall, and with one of the largest handspans ...
1 month ago
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Artistic Director, Wilma Smith believes the National Chamber Music Championship will allow students to discover the "joys and challenges of playing together." Watch as Wilma details the inception...
2 months ago
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What a year! The 2019 International Concert Season saw the likes of Natalie Clein, Emerson String Quartet, the Choir of King's College and more grace our nation's stages, and we're so glad you coul...
2 months ago
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Watch as the magnificent Skride Piano Quartet drift through the finale of Richard Strauss' Piano Quartet in C minor op 13, recorded live at City Recital Hall on 4 Nov, 2019. This is our final conc...
3 months ago
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Single tickets for our 2020 International Concert Season are now available. Explore the full season and book your seats today:
3 months ago
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A new classical supergroup of four leading European soloists, the Skride Piano Quartet is sweeping through the northern hemisphere like a breath of fresh air – and is now bringing its dazzling ener...
3 months ago
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After 19 incredible years making Australia a more musical place, Carl Vine AO has officially stepped away from the role of Artistic Director. We spoke with Carl ahead of his departure to learn ab...
4 months ago
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In 1985, William 'Bill ' Bright completed building a harpsichord for Musica Viva that continues to deliver fascinating sounds to this day. We were lucky enough to gt some time with Bill when he vis...
4 months ago
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We spoke with Lawrence Dutton (viola) and Eugene Drucker (violin) from the Emerson String Quartet on how they have stayed together for over 40-years with minimal personnel changes. One factor is ma...
5 months ago
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Join us for a season which celebrates our 75th anniversary and witness some of the finest chamber music groups from all over the world! From the seemingly effortless virtuosity of the Eggner Trio ...
5 months ago
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We spoke with ZOFO on the communication techniques they use while playing, tips for piano four-hands beginners, the origins of their ZOFOMOMA concert experience and what audiences can expect from t...
9 months ago
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ZOFO's "amazing synergy and synchronicity" blew us away during their finale last night. The piece of music you hear in this video was composed by Keyla Orozco, inspired by Douglas Pérez Castro's ar...
9 months ago
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That's a wrap on Musica Viva Festival 2019 - the final festival under the Artistic Direction of Carl Vine! This feast of chamber music saw some of the best musicians in their field take to the Sydn...
9 months ago
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"Hearing Edgar Meyer play Edgar Meyer, is like hearing Paganini play Paganini. He is that kind of a musician!" Watch as Australian double bass player, Kirsty McCahon details the "fascinating and b...
9 months ago
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Playing one piano with four hands – but a unified artistic mind – is about the most intimate form of chamber music there is. Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi are ZOFO; a ‘20-Finger Orches...
10 months ago
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Watch as Carl Vine introduces the stellar line-up for what will be his final Musica Viva Festival as Artistic Director. #MVF2019 boasts a wide range of inspiring musicians, from American double-ba...
10 months ago
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Ahead of their Australian tour, Natalie Clein, Katya Apekisheva and composer Natalie Williams met at our Janette Hamilton studio for a joint rehearsal of Williams' premiere composition, 'The Dreami...
11 months ago
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Renowned British cellist Natalie Clein plays with a unique combination of passion and delicacy. It’s as though the cello becomes her voice, and she is simply telling us a story through music and em...
1 year ago
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