Downloading FAQ
How can I download music that is on InstantEncore?

You may download music from InstantEncore by either purchasing it or redeeming a download code that was given to you by an InstantEncore Partner. Not all music that is on InstantEncore is for sale. Each InstantEncore Partner chooses if they would like to sell their music or just make it available for online streaming.

How long do I have to download music from InstantEncore?

You have 72 hours after purchasing music or redeeming a code to download the files from InstantEncore. After downloading the music to your computer it is yours forever.

There are many tracks to download on an album. Do I have to download each track individually?

If you have the right to download all the tracks on an album you may choose to download a single zip file that contains all the MP3's instead of downloading each MP3 individually. For more information about downloading an entire album as a zip file click here.

How do I import music I downloaded into iTunes?

Instructions for PC users

Instructions for Mac users

How do I burn a CD with iTunes?

Instructions for burning a CD with iTunes

What file format is used for downloads?

InstantEncore offers downloads in the MP3 format. We allow our Partners to upload music in any bitrate, but we recommend a bitrate of at least 256kbps.

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