Downloading Help
My Downloads Page

The "My Downloads" page lists all the albums from which you can download music. You may access the "My Downloads" page at any time by clicking the arrow next to your Username in the upper right of the website and clicking "Downloads" (if you are logged in). To download music from an album click the image of the album.

Downloading MP3's

To download an MP3:

  1. Click the download button next to each track (circled in the image below).
  2. Save the mp3 file to your computer.
Downloading an entire album as a zip file

If you have the right to download all the tracks on an album you may choose to download a single zip file that contains all the MP3's instead of downloading each MP3 individually.

To download a zip file:

  1. Click the download button located in the album info section (circled in the image below).
  2. Save the zip file to your computer.
  3. After downloading the zip file you will need to extract the MP3's. For more help on extracting files from a zip please see this video.