Curtis On Tour European Preview: BARBER Songs, FINE Fantasia, DANIELPOUR Come Up From the Fields, Father, ROREM Aftermath
16 May 2009
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Barber: Songs N/A
"The Daisies," Op. 2 No. 1 (1:02) N/A
"With rue my heart is laden," Op. 2 No. 2 (1:17) N/A
"Sure on this shining night," Op. 13 No. 3 (2:10) N/A
"Nocturne," Op. 13 No. 4 (3:57) N/A
"Monks and Raisins," Op.18 No. 2 (1:44) N/A
Hermit Songs, Op. 29: "The Monk and His Cat" (2:27) N/A
Hermit Songs, Op. 29: "The Crucifixion" (2:38) N/A
"I hear an army," Op. 10 No. 3 (2:35) N/A
Fine: Fantasia N/A
Adagio ma non troppo (3:42) N/A
Scherzo: Allegro molto ritmico (6:46) N/A
Lento assai tranquillo (4:42) N/A
Rorem: Aftermath N/A
The Drum (2:31) N/A
Tygers of Wrath (1:52) N/A
The Fury of the Aerial Bombardment (3:26) N/A
The Park (2:24) N/A
Sonnet LXIV (2:13) N/A
On His Seventy-Fifth Birthday (1:14) N/A
Grief (3:05) N/A
Remorse for Any Death (2:19) N/A
Losses (4:36) N/A
Then (3:41) N/A
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