Music For Winds
7 May 2009
Conductor: Harlan Parker
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Gaines: Duo for Flute and Tuba N/A
I - Aggressive, with motion (1:06) N/A
II - Playful, with energy (1:07) N/A
III - Lazy and drawn out (1:02) N/A
IV - Lively and dramatic (1:09) N/A
Gaines: Concertino for Euphonium and Concert Band (1999) N/A
I - a jester's promenade (1:03) N/A
II - a shadow in the dark green depths (1:04) N/A
III - a song for all seasons (1:05) N/A
IV - epilogue: a half-dream glowing (1:09) N/A
Gaines: The Lion of Panjshir (Symphony No. 2) for Narrator and Symphonic Band N/A
I - The Lion of Panjshir - "My war is against war" (1:06) N/A
II - Fire of Heart (1:08) N/A
III - The Last Wall - The Death of Massoud (1:06) N/A
IV - "Now we are all Massoud" (1:03) N/A