Chamber Music
18 May 2010
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Omiccioli: anima/animus
anima/animus (2012) (14:35) N/A
Omiccioli: reach (string quintet version)
Recording Date: Thu 23 Aug 2012
reach (string quintet version) (10:49) N/A
Omiccioli: ...from within
Piano Trio No. 1 (11:05) N/A
Omiccioli: invisible worlds
Ensemble: DuoSolo
Recording Date: Mon 12 Oct 2009
Invisible Worlds (9:49) N/A
Omiccioli: insights no 1 N/A
Recording Date: Sat 10 Apr 2010
Insights No. 1 for solo bassoon N/A N/A
Omiccioli: dance of the wind
Recording Date: Thu 12 Feb 2009
Dance of the Wind (4:18) N/A
Omiccioli: falling through infinity
Recording Date: Sat 14 May 2011
Falling Through Infinity (11:52) N/A
Omiccioli: flourishing
Recording Date: Thu 11 Feb 2010
Flourishes (6:52) N/A
Omiccioli: danza di fuoco
Recording Date: Thu 7 Jul 2011
Danza di Fuoco (2:45) N/A