"Weren't we supposed to have hoverboards by now?" Pieces from 2010
26 Oct 2010
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Hartman: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Suite N/A
Introduction: "His Imagination Afire..." (1:50) N/A
The Potion and the Transformation—"And Now the Question" (5:42) N/A
A Secret Place (1:39) N/A
At the Dance Hall (1:52) N/A N/A
Seduction and "His Imagination Afire..." Reprise (2:55) N/A N/A
Scene Change and Millicent's Waltz—The Kiss—Rapture Turns to Rage (4:46) N/A
The Den of Inequity (3:24) N/A
In the Parlor with the Carews (2:42) N/A
Children in the Street (1:35) N/A
Dénouement (3:00) N/A
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