2007 Commissioned Composer: Lars Jansson
21 Jan 2011
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Jansson: River Falls Suite 2006 N/A
Composer: Lars Jansson
Recording Date: Thu 12 Apr 2007
Track 1 (5:54) N/A
Track 2 (6:26) N/A
Track 3 (6:21) N/A
Track 4 (7:49) N/A
Track 5 (5:24) N/A
Track 6 (8:45) N/A
Track 7 (14:12) N/A
Track 8 (4:20) N/A
Track 9 (11:35) N/A
Adams: ...and bells remembered... N/A
Recording Date: Sun 1 Jan 2006
...and bells remembered... N/A N/A
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UWRF (Presenter)

Recently we have taken on a very large project of archiving many
performances from years past at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
Performances that stretch back to the 1960s. As you can imagine
throughout the years many programs were lost to history. Therefore, I am
asking our listeners to please inform us if you have any information as
to the title of any of the pieces you are listening to. We apologize for
not being able to provide the data that you want, however, if we work
together and retrieve the proper data we will have a huge amount of great
music available.

Thanks for listening and aiding us in this substantial project. Every bit
of information you have is greatly appreciated.

UWRF Recording Staff
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