Joseph Howell Compositions and Ensembles
3 Feb 2011
Ensemble: Jazz Clarinet Now
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Howell: The Pot Melts (Doom Groove)
The Pot Melts (Doom Groove): Live at DMA Recital III (4:45) N/A
Howell: A Line of Mine (Shine Line)
Live at DMA Recital III: A Line of Mine (Shine Line) (7:43) N/A
Howell: Moving Thoughts
Composer: Joseph Howell
Recording Date: Sat 1 May 2010
Moving Thoughts (3:52) N/A
Howell: Vulcan Death March
Vulcan Death March - Live at DMA Recital I (9:04) N/A
Howell: Dolphy/Carter
2003 Performance Highlights (including unaccompanied free improvisation clarinet duet) (4:53) N/A