Z245 A Recital of Appalachian Spring
28 Sep 2011
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Janacek: Sonata for Violin and Piano N/A
Composer: Leos Janacek
I - Con moto (5:19) N/A
II - Ballade: Con moto (4:44) N/A
III - Allegretto (2:25) N/A
IV - Adagio (6:04) N/A
Argento: Miss Manners on Music N/A
Composer: Dominick Argento
Prologue (2:34) N/A
Manners at a Concert (2:06) N/A
Manners at the Ballet (1:30) N/A
Manners for Contemporary Music (3:19) N/A
Manners at a Church Recital (4:01) N/A
Manners at the Opera (4:30) N/A
Envoi (1:23) N/A
Copland: Appalachian Spring
Composer: Aaron Copland
Appalachian Spring (24:56) N/A
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