2011 Summer Festival
15 Aug 2011
Ensemble: Miró Quartet
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Music for Viola and Gypsy Band N/A
I - Puszta-Marchen (Gypsy Romance and Czardas) (4:33) N/A
II - Serenade du Tzigane ("Gypsy Serenade") (5:00) N/A
Tokay (Hungarian Foxtrot) (2:53) N/A
"The Canary" (4:33) N/A
Bolcom: Afternoon Cakewalk N/A
Easy Winners (3:01) N/A
Heliotrope Bouquet (1:59) N/A
Ethiopia Rag (2:18) N/A
Frog Legs Rag (1:54) N/A
Graceful Ghost (4:46) N/A
Incinerator Rag (4:00) N/A
Stravinsky: Le baiser de la fée (The Fairy's Kiss) N/A
Sinfonia - Andante (11:13) N/A
Danses sisses: Tempo guisto (3:07) N/A
Scherzo: Allegretto grazioso (3:11) N/A
Dvorak: Quintet for Piano and Strings no 2 in A major, Op. 81/B 155 N/A
Composer: Antonin Dvorak
Ensemble: Miró Quartet
Recording Date: Mon 18 Jul 2011
I - Allegro ma non tanto (13:41) N/A
II - Dumka: Andante con moto (13:36) N/A
III - Scherzo (Furiant): Molto vivace (4:06) N/A
IV - Finale: Allegro (9:35) N/A
Chausson: Chanson perpétuelle, Op. 37
Chanson perpétuelle, Op. 37 (8:18) N/A
Bartók: Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion, Sz 110/BB 115 N/A
I - Assai lento - Allegro molto (13:23) N/A
II - Lento, ma non troppo (6:29) N/A
III - Allegro non troppo (7:59) N/A
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