NEC Contemporary Ensemble, Heiss / Ligeti, Harbison, Heiss, Britten
31 Oct 2013
Conductor: John Heiss
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Ligeti: Ten Pieces for Woodwind Quintet N/A
Composer: György Ligeti
Conductor: John Heiss
1. Molto sostenuto e calmo (2:09) N/A
2. Prestissimo minaccioso e burlesco (1:00) N/A
3. Lento (1:43) N/A
4. Prestissimo leggiero e virtuoso (1:07) N/A
5. Presto staccatissimo e leggiero (0:31) N/A
6. Presto staccatissimo e leggiero (1:30) N/A
7. Vivo, energico (1:06) N/A
8. Allegro con delicatezza (2:36) N/A
9. Sostenuto, stridente (1:12) N/A
10. Presto, bizzarro e rubato (1:48) N/A
Harbison: Milosz Songs N/A
Composer: John Harbison
Conductor: John Heiss
Prologue: from Lauda (2:09) N/A
What Once was Great (2:57) N/A
So Little (2:29) N/A
When the Moon (2:32) N/A
On Old Women (3:08) N/A
Epilogue: from Winter (2:41) N/A
Post-epilogue: Rays of Dazzling Light (2:29) N/A
Heiss: Mosaics and Fanfare
Composer: John Heiss
Conductor: John Heiss
Mosaics and Fanfare (8:48) N/A
Britten: Quartet for Strings no 3, Op. 94 N/A
Composer: Benjamin Britten
Conductor: John Heiss
Duets (5:53) N/A
Ostinato (3:23) N/A
Solo (5:57) N/A
Burlesque (2:12) N/A
Recitative and Passacaglia (10:52) N/A
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