Reflections: on loss
27 Feb 2014
Presenter: Art of Élan
Conductor: Steven Schick
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Lang: The Little Match Girl Passion N/A N/A
Come, daughter (3:53) N/A N/A
It was terribly cold (3:02) N/A N/A
Dearest heart (0:53) N/A N/A
In an old apron (1:20) N/A N/A
Penance and remorse (1:37) N/A N/A
Lights were shining (1:40) N/A N/A
Patience, patience! (0:33) N/A N/A
Ah! Perhaps (2:03) N/A N/A
Have mercy, my God (4:27) N/A N/A
She lighted another match (1:24) N/A N/A
From the sixth hour (2:08) N/A N/A
She again rubbed a match (1:35) N/A N/A
When it is time for me to go (3:42) N/A N/A
In the dawn of morning (2:47) N/A N/A
We sit and cry (4:03) N/A N/A
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