Gunther Schuller: A Musical Celebration
24 Nov 2015
Contributor: John Heiss (Coach)
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Schuller: Jumpin' in the Future
Composer: Gunther Schuller
Conductor: Ken Schaphorst
Jumpin' in the Future (4:57) N/A
Schuller: Sandpoint Rag
Sandpoint Rag (4:58) N/A
Schuller: Headin' Out, Movin' In
Composer: Gunther Schuller
Conductor: Charles Peltz
Headin' Out, Movin' In (12:24) N/A
Schuller: Quartet for 4 Double Basses N/A
Allegro moderato - Allegro (3:45) N/A
Allegro scherzando (4:48) N/A
Adagio (7:25) N/A
Blake: Gunther
Composer: Ran Blake
Gunther (5:25) N/A
Schuller: Grand Concerto for Percussion and Keyboards N/A
Composer: Gunther Schuller
Conductor: Frank Epstein
Lento, quarter note = 52 (4:09) N/A
quarter note = 40 (5:53) N/A
quarter note = 128 (6:36) N/A
Allegro, half note = 88 (8:41) N/A
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