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29 Dec 2017
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Liang: Verge N/A
Composer: Lei Liang
Conductor: Magnus Lindberg
Billboard & Intro Liang (3:48) N/A
Verge (11:11) N/A
Back-announce & Intro Dalbavie (5:49) N/A
Dalbavie: Melodia N/A
Melodia (14:28) N/A
Back-announce & Intro Shepherd (1:35) N/A
Shepherd: These Particular Circumstances N/A
Composer: Sean Shepherd
Conductor: Alan Gilbert
These Particular Circumstances (20:06) N/A
Back-announce & Intro Muhly (1:40) N/A
Muhly: Detailed Instructions N/A
Composer: Nico Muhly
Conductor: Alan Gilbert
Detailed Instructions (17:59) N/A
Back-Announce & Intro Pintscher (5:03) N/A
Pintscher: Songs from Solomon's Garden for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra N/A
Songs from Solomon's Garden for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra (18:53) N/A
Back-announce & credits (1:30) N/A
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