Passion, Politics, Puccini; Five Aspects of Tosca
3 May 2018
Contributors: Mike Cone; Giacomo Puccini
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Passion, Politics, Puccini; Five Aspects of Tosca N/A
Introduction (0:45) N/A
Dramatis Personae (3:19) N/A
Rome as Canvas (9:58) N/A
Sardou, Puccini, & the Historical Background (14:15) N/A
A Musical Dynasty in Lucca (12:20) N/A
Giacomo Puccini, the Fifth Generation (25:10) N/A
Verismo (8:57) N/A
Composer & Librettist (11:35) N/A
Singing Tosca (14:41) N/A
Performing Tosca (11:59) N/A
Act I (9:32) N/A
Act II (11:29) N/A
Act III (5:09) N/A
Summary (4:39) N/A
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