"Family Connections"
2 Nov 2018
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Hindemith: Concerto for Violin N/A
Composer: Paul Hindemith
Conductor: Zubin Mehta
Opening, Introduction to Hindemith (2:26) N/A
I - Mässig bewegte Halbe (9:05) N/A
II - Langsam (10:02) N/A
III - Lebhaft (9:55) N/A
Paulus: Concerto for Violin and Cello
Introduction and excerpt (1:46) N/A
Beethoven: Concerto for Piano, Violin and Cello in C major, Op. 56 "Triple Concerto" N/A
Introduction to Beethoven (1:01) N/A
I - Allegro (15:47) N/A
II - Largo (4:16) N/A
III - Rondo alla polacca (12:43) N/A
End Part 1 (0:39) N/A
Corigliano: Concerto for Clarinet N/A
Introduction (1:19) N/A
Concerto for Clarinet (26:24) N/A
Vivaldi: Concerto per molti strumenti RV558 (rev. Alfredo Casella) N/A
Introduction to Vivaldi (0:20) N/A
I - Allegro molto (5:48) N/A
II - Andante molto (2:12) N/A
III - Allegro (2:51) N/A
Closing and Credits (1:52) N/A
Promo 19-07 (0:30) N/A
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