ASU in Concert (ASU622) - Feb 28, 2019: "Strings are the thing!" featuring ASU Faculty and guest artists
5 Mar 2019
Ensembles: Kithara Duo; Saar Trio
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Piazzolla: Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas (Four Seasons of Buenos Aires) N/A
Composer: Astor Piazzolla
Recording Date: Sat 22 Oct 2016
Billboard / Intro... (2:38) N/A
III - Otoño Porteño (Autumn) (4:10) N/A
Amelkina-Vera: Beings N/A
Ensemble: Kithara Duo
Recording Date: Sat 12 Nov 2016
Intro / About... (0:33) N/A
I - Minotaur (3:16) N/A
II - Sylphs (2:46) N/A
III - Salamander (3:14) N/A
Auerbach: 24 Preludes for Violin and Piano N/A
Intro / About... (0:56) N/A
I - Prelude in C major: Adagio mortale (3:43) N/A
XI - Prelude in B major: Allegretto (2:17) N/A
V - Prelude in D major: Allegro moderato (2:30) N/A
IX - Prelude in E major: Allegro (1:04) N/A
XV - Prelude in C sharp major: Adagio sognando (1:39) N/A
Piazzolla: La muerte del Angel
La muerte del Angel (3:29) N/A
Piazzolla: Oblivion N/A
Composer: Astor Piazzolla
Ensemble: Saar Trio
Recording Date: Mon 14 Mar 2016
Intro / About... (0:14) N/A
Oblivion (3:31) N/A
Strauss: Quartet for Piano and Strings in C minor, Op. 13 N/A
Intro / About... (0:46) N/A
I - Allegro (11:14) N/A
IV - Finale - vivace (11:01) N/A
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