Spring Forward: Music for Clarinet and String Quartet
20 Jan 2021
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Schickele: Spring Forward N/A
Composer: Peter Schickele
Ensemble: Miró Quartet
Recording Date: Wed 9 Mar 2016
I - Reawakening (6:57) N/A
II - Cantilena (6:09) N/A
III - Scherzo (2:57) N/A
IV - Interlude (2:18) N/A
V - A Perfect Picnic (3:52) N/A
Danielpour: Clarinet Quintet ("The Last Jew in Hamadan") N/A
I - Agitato, con energia (6:46) N/A
II - Adagietto e triste (12:01) N/A
Kernis: "Perpetual Chaconne" for Clarinet and String Quartet
Composer: Aaron Jay Kernis
Recording Date: Thu 29 Sep 2016
"Perpetual Chaconne" for Clarinet and String Quartet (18:28) N/A
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