This was an outstanding performance by the ISO and Maestro Mena. The ISC (Chorus) was well prepared and the solosists were both stunning and complimentary in tone to one another.The first movement tempo was slow but effective in creating the drama and intensity we have come to expect. I heard a lot more emotion in the second movement that I can ever recall in other performances I have seen and it was a thrilling surprise for me. The third movement scherzo is always a lot of fun. This performance was no exception although I did notice a few raggedy moments in the violins.
I've never heard a more outstanding mezzo than Ms. Mentzer in this symphony. What else can I say ?
Of course, the final movement was everything we could hope for. Karina Gauvin is a brilliant soprano. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in this symphony when it's performed in Chicago's Grant Park on August 20 - 21. Bravo and thank you ISO for a wonderful evening.
Posted on 22 May 2010, 5:33 PM