Do you ever watch that show, Cheaters, on TV ? I watched it for the first time recently and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Why oh why would anyone want to blurb all that crap out on television? While I don’t think we need to keep so many secrets that friends are shocked when it comes out that we’ve been unhappy for a long time – I can’t imagine going on a show and bearing my grief for all to see.

Would you consider doing it if you thought your partner/spouse was cheating?
I’ve been asked before if I knew for sure that my best friend’s husband was cheating would I tell her. That’s a far cry from chasing a wandering spouse to publicly humiliate him or her. I dunno, I couldn’t imagine doing it. I think I’d just prefer to leave and put it all behind me. Think about going through life as “the guy whose wife cheated on him on tv”? or “the woman whose husband pretended to be a talent scout when he was really a janitor?”
How do you feel about Cheaters (the show, not the person)?
Posted on 11 Sep 2020, 4:00 PM