Why is title of your articles on educational website such as WuzzupEssay? It’s because students want to find relevant articles, for example, you can read article at WuzzupEssay about or about how to write an essay and check titles of this articles – all of them are relevant and unique! So, don’t forger about titles for articles!

Another thing I hear often is this: "Create attractive titles! Top 10 lists work so remarkably well! You can never go wrong with them!". But how many times do we have to see articles with titles like "The Top Ten Of...". When you finally go to those pages, I guarantee that you will be either deceived or disappointed in most cases.

They all pretty much can be considered the top ten most manipulative titles on the Internet. Imagine what would happen if Wikipedia would start adding "The Top Ten of" to the titles of their articles? How long would we have to wait to see the decline in the traffic to the site?
Posted on 27 Mar 2020, 2:36 PM