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My next goal is to start writing content for these websites. You need to know at least the basics of writing. For example, don’t use long paragraphs of text. Try to summarize each point of each paragraph without making the paragraph stretch for more than 3 or 5 lines. Make each paragraph educational and dense in information.

I usually begin by thinking of 5 subjects to place on my new website. I do some research, or think about the things I personally would be interested to know about. Then I begin to write. My preference of writing software is Microsoft Word.

The reason you must learn how to write is that in today’s world the value of a new website is largely defined by how Google perceives it. So, if you have educational website such as, where you need to write good articles and reviews of your services you need to write it good. And Google does pay attention to things such as quality of writing and how well your information is organized.

Does Google think your website is worthy? If so, it will show it in top positions for a specific keyword in the search results. Note that this is more true than not for new websites only. Starting a new website is much more difficult than running and maintaining a website that is relatively popular.
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