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The Federal Government has warned Kano residents against buying drugs being sold as 'COVID-19 vaccines' in the state.

Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed raised the alarm at the daily briefing of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) in Abuja on Tuesday April 21, and he said the yellowish vaccines being sold in Kano have not been certified.

Lai Mohammed said;

“The federal ministry of information and culture and its agencies have put up a public enlightenment and advocacy campaign to continue to reach Nigerians with information on how they can protect themselves and avoid contracting the disease.

“This is necessary because in the absence of any vaccine or drug, non-pharmaceutical intervention remains the most effective way to contain the spread of the disease and protect Nigerians.

“By the way, you must ignore the vaccine being hawked in Kano which is called COVID-19 vaccine. It’s yellow in colour. It is not certified by anybody; please don’t patronise the hawkers.

“The campaign has, therefore, continued to focus on the need for the populace to adhere strictly to social distancing and mass gathering restrictions. Wear face masks and ensure good personal hygiene.”

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