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Thomas Meglioranza was charming and witty, and sang well, with a pleasant, if light, baritone voice. (That impression may be due, in part, to the repertoire sung.) I felt that his voice was not always strongly projected, but he used it intelligent... read more
Is Philly a great music city, or what? Yes, of course it is. Where else can one hear superb performers, play beautiful but challenging music, FOR FREE?! This concert, which was meant to honor the 100th anniversary of Samuel Barber's birth, did gre... read more
The performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra, of Shostakovich's 4th Symphony, was very good and certainly up to the standard of an internationally acclaimed orchestra. I've heard only one other (recorded) performance of this work, and am not suff... read more
I was disappointed with tonight's concert. First, I don't think that Debussy's Nocturnes are a good fit with Mozart's Requiem. (I suppose that the Orch. administration thought that playing only the Requiem would not be enough music for the money.)... read more
Concerts like this one from Dolce Suono, which presented new music and seldom performed works of a major composer are very welcome. The new works, commissioned especially for this concert, which honored the centenary of Mahler's death, and the 60t... read more
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