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Maazel's Mahler This season's Philharmonia 'Mahler Season' has been a disaster. Previous concerts have revealed Maazel's propensity for extremely slow tempi and exaggerated gesture at every turn. Last night's performance of the Adagio from 10th sy... read more
Maazel's Mahler 9 So much better than previous concerts in this series. After a rather lacklustre start to the first movement, Maazel grabbed this great work by the throat and produced some wonderful sounds and textures from the Philharmonia. The ... read more
Boulez in his 80s Brilliant musicianship from everyone. Boulez's classic score was given a supremely confident performance by the composer leading the excellent french group Ensemble Intercontemporaine and an absolutely brilliant soprano soloist. ... read more
Pires was ill, but her young substitute in Chopin's pellucid Piano Concerto rose superbly to the occasion. Showing faultless technique, he carried the expectant audience totally with him throughout his brilliantly unmannered performance. Jap van S... read more
This Bartok concert was absolutely wonderful. Inspired conducting and playing in 'The Wooden Prince' which brought this early work into bubbling life. The concert concluded with the most brilliant and virtuosic performance of the second piano conc... read more
Oh dear! I very nearly did leave at the intermission which would have been a shame as the second half of the concert was a perfectly serviceable performance of Mussorgsky's 'Pictures at an Exhibition' with a very exciting 'Hut on Fowls' legs'. A m... read more
A wonderful concert. Maestro Jurowski began with the rarely heard 'Symphonic Song' and brought power and understanding to this simmering work. After the quirky PIano Concerto No. 5 played with panache (and a score) by Barry Douglas came a moving a... read more
These young payers from the RCM performed magnificently for maestro Jurowski in this challenging programme of rarely performed works by Prokofiev. The women's chorus sang with distinction in the two delightful Songs for Female Chorus op.7 and the ... read more
A wonderfully varied concert. It was great to see the two orchestras mixed and sharing in all the music making although this was, in some senses, detrimental to Beethoven's great 9th symphony in the second half of the concert. The two Chinese work... read more
Maestro Jurowski and Russian repertoire- what a combination. The LPO and LPO Choir followed the conductor's indications to the letter and produced an evening of scintillating music making. I was captivated by the Denisov and Miaskowsky pieces befo... read more
To misuse a football cliche - very much a concert of two halves. Vaughan Williams' 6th symphony was given a very disappointing lack lustre and uninvolved performance. Doubly disappointing for those of us who heard Maestro Jurowski's superlative pe... read more
Another wonderful concert with Jurowski back to his best after the poor Vaughan Williams earlier in the week. A spirited Tchaikovsky 1812 followed by a profound Lachrymae prepared us for a stunning Shostakovitch 7 where both orchestras joined toge... read more
Another winner under Jurowski's outstanding leadership. The LPO performed miracles with Grisey's last work which uses a range of techniques including microtones to convey a rather nihilistic and apocalyptic vision whilst the great Mahler 5 receive... read more
What a versatile musician Sir Mark Elder is! His early Webern was ravishing in its romantic sweep and detail, whilst Schoenberg's early 5 Pieces for Orchestra was luminescent in its palette of colours and has never sounded so traditional and easy ... read more
God bless Sarah Connely and the LPO chorus!
Wow! What a conductor! This was probably the fastest and most thrilling 'Rite' I have ever heard.The precision and attack from the LPO was incomparable. The first half of the concert was also a supreme delight. Ravel's 'Mother Goose' charmed with ... read more
Marin's very varied fare delighted a packed audience at the RFH. A highly polished performance of the 'New World' was followed by an effervescent performance of Milhaud's jazz ballet. The concert concluded with Varese's 'Ameriques' in quite barnst... read more
This has to be one of the masterpieces of the second decade of the twenty-first century. No praise is too high for the integrity of Adams/Sellars' conception. John Adam's music is, by turns, touching, devasting, glorious and inspiring. The orchest... read more
It has been difficult in recent times to give the LPO concerts under Jurowski anything other than a five star rating. Once again a beautifully thought out concert was executed brilliantly by the maestro and this wonderful orchestra. The crystallin... read more
I was a little disappointed with this concert. RVW martial sounding 4th Symphony was given an accurate but rather uninvolved reading, but the finale went with consuderable punch.Not a strength of this young conductor, I think. Tippett's oratorio i... read more
Quite simply the best semi-staged performance, nay any performance, of Britten's wonderful opera that I have ever heard. All the principals were outstanding and the contribution of the LPO under maestro Jurowski was simply mesmerising. Just wonder... read more
A beautifully moulded performance by maestro Jurowski with superb singing from the assembled choirs, but the RFH does not have the ambience for this great work. The boys choir situated outside Door H failed to make its usual impact and the late su... read more
This was like visiting a sweet or cake shop. Delicious confections: impeccably presented. These are all pieces that I could happily live without, but presented in such a way as to make them difficult to refuse. Yannick Nzet-Seguin directed all thi... read more
A concert of two halves - each absolutely spellbinding. The filigree patterns and dulcet sounds of Dutilleux's Cello Concerto in the first half - played with such feeling, and the stentorian tones of Shostakovitch's 'Babi Yar' concluding the con... read more
"Give it to daddy." Whether maestro Vladimir used these words or not, Jurowski senior showed us why his son is such a superb 'chip off the old block'. It would be difficult to imagine a more challenging programme than this which was directed with... read more
This still makes challenging listening as bear witness the number of audience members who couldn't finish the 110 minute odyssey! Cristophe Eschenbach did a marvellous job in coaxing from the multi-talented soloists and the LPO the most translucen... read more
I was disappointed with the pre-concert talk which was badly amplified and almost inaudible from my seat. Also the questioner must learn to moderate his often 'flowery' language when speaking to a Polish conductor who has good, but not overtly flu... read more
The last concert in a truly memorable season of 'The Rest is Noise'. Congratulations to all concerned at the Southbank. And finished brilliantly with John Adam's Christmas masterwork! Once again the maestro's direction of excellent soloists and th... read more
It would be hard to imagine a more satisfying evening than coupling Bach with Hartmann in those two great masterworks of the violin repertory. Kovacos' sublime musicianship seemed to make the music float , as if from another world, whilst maestro ... read more
Wonderful pianistic virtuosity was the highlight of the evening with Hamelin giving all in Khacaturian's less than inspiring concerto. Certainly if we are to hear this concerto there could be few better exponents than the Canadian genius and the s... read more
How refreshing it is when you get an entirely new perspective on a favourite classic. That's what we got from Jurowski and his massed LPO forces in Beethoven's great ninth. The speeds throughout were on the swift side but the playing crackled with... read more
A concert of two halves. The Dvorak was 'unnecessarily pulled about' whilst the Tchaikovsky warhorse, whilst immaculately played by the fine soloist, left little impression. Mahler's 'Blumine' had a wonderful sense of line and beauty of tone and w... read more
Quite simply- an outstanding performance in every way. I was gripped from the opening theme announced by the eight horns in unison to the final peroration some 110 minutes later. I shall remember it for the rest of my life. What more can I say? MT... read more
Mendelssohn's lively (brilliantly played) concerto prefaced a soul searching performance of Mahler's great ninth symphony with its vestiges of 'the next world'. Heart wrung emotion was aplenty here with the conductor holding the emotion brilliantl... read more
This concert was the biggest disappointment of the 14/15 season. Having been finished in 2006 in short score, the long awaited Gorecki Fourth Symphony was premiered by the excellent LPO. Written for large forces, the work hammered and whispered it... read more
Back again! Same wonderful orchestra, same great maestro at the helm; new composer in residence. How lucky we are to be able to attend these wonderful concerts. I've nothing but praise for this most wonderful of enterprises, the brilliant LPO.
Although a number of 'division 2' players were on show for this performance and the playing of the orchestra was not up to the usual extremely high standards, this Mahler 2 was an exciting experience. Maestro Estrada produced some wonderful dancin... read more
Maestro Jurowski and the superb LPO served up another treat last night. For me the highlight was a captivating performance of Scriabin's Piano Concerto. What a charming work- why don't we hear it more often? Not even the maestro's brilliant and so... read more
Another wonderfully balanced concert with Maestro Jurowski in imperious and commanding form supported magnificently by all the sections of the magnificent LPO. Magnus Lindberg's new work 'Interrogations' proved a great vehicle for the supreme voic... read more
A pandora's box of riches here. The LPO forces under Jurowski gave a concert of rarely heard music beginning with delightful three Russian Folksongs sung with such beauty of tone by the LPO choir and the short 'Spring' cantata, which delighted wi... read more
Stravinsky with a bounce. Piano concerto with a swoon. Bells with a swing (but spoilt by less than pleasing soloists!)
Fascinating to hear this rare performance of the original version of Rachmaninov 4th concerto. This is certainly 'a very different animal!' Shostakovitch's 4th Symphony was delivered with a terrific punch and thrilled throughout. Well done the ma... read more
Andrew Manze's leadership of the LPO in last night's concert was outstanding, A magnificent performance of Elgar's string masterpiece began the concert. Piers Lane's rather lack lustre pianism made Ireland's concerto seem no more than ordinary; bu... read more
Yet another outstanding evening with the LPO and maestro Jurowski. Julian Anderson's new piece for violin and orchestra broke new grounds in imposing a 'sociological perspective' upon the creative process requiring the soloist to begin the piece f... read more
Nothing whatsoever to fault in this engrossing concert. Prokofiev's rarely heard 'Chout' bounced happily along into Magnus Lindberg's superb Second Piano Concerto with Yefim Bronfman, the works dedicatee, giving a supremely energetic performance o... read more
I wish I had left at the intermission! Recent commissions by the LPO under the tutelage of their magnificent maestro have been of variable appeal, but after a a thoroughly satisfying (does that piccolo play rather loudly?) performance of Beethove... read more
Great to hear the LPO on such outstanding form. Maestro Jurowski's clever leadership of Mozart's four discrete orchestras from one of the lobbies opened the concert in lively fashion. Magnus Lindberg's 'Gran Duo' proved to be a stimulating and ric... read more
Absolutely first rate concert which will linger long in my memory. Not only was the playing of every section of the marvellous LPO a delight but the conducting of Jaime Martin made the music truly spellbinding. Thank you maestro Martin for a perfe... read more
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