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pkluttik - YouTube - 13:57
Karen Luttik, clarinet Edoardo Carpenedo, piano
1 year ago
pkluttik - YouTube - 12:16
Ju Hee Kang, flute Karen Luttik, clarinet Cathryn Gaylord, bassoon Anna Harris, violin Zachary Larson, cello Clera Ryu, piano Sara Bielanski, soprano
1 year ago
pkluttik - YouTube - 30:06
Géza Frid (1904-1989) was a significant Hungarian-born Dutch composer and pianist of Jewish descent. His compositional style was highly regarded in the Dutch musical scene of the 20th century; his ...
4 years ago
susmanmusic - YouTube - 8:57
Twisted Figures (1987) composed by William Susman for Pierrot ensemble: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and mallets. Performed by ALEA III, Theodore Antoniou, conducting in a live performa...
11 years ago
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