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Peri Mauer NUDIBRANCH FRIDAY, for violin and cello.m4v
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PERI MAUER, composer NUDIBRANCH FRIDAY, for violin and cello [2012] Curtis Stewart, violin Amanda Gooken, cello Bargemusic Here and Now Series September 20, 2012 NUDIBRANCH FRIDAY is a new piece for violin and cello in 7 continuous movements, each based on a different species of nudibranch. It was inspired by the Facebook postings of nudibranch by composer Randy Woolf every Friday. This performance is the world premiere. NUDIBRANCH FRIDAY Introduction Nembrotha kubaryana Clown nudibranch Nembrotha christata Chromodoris willani Nembrotha chamberlaini Pteraeolidia ianthina Coda NUDIBRANCH FRIDAY is dedicated to my mother, who loved being a science teacher. Rosalyn Mauer November 8, 1919 - October 23, 2002.
Composer: Peri Mauer