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13-yr-old Erhu Prodigy from Beijing, China
Seeded by fromthetop on 14 Nov 2012
Author: fromthetop
Ehru player Ji Bolin, 13, from Beijing, China performs "Sunshine on Taxkorgan" by Chen Gang. In July 2012, From the Top visited Beijing, China to tape two shows at the Great Wall International Music Academy. This amazing erhu player was taped during music rehearsal on the first day. An Erhu, or Chinese Violin, is an instrument with two strings which, together with zhonghu, gaohu, and sihu, belongs to the "huqin" family. Orchestras in China often have from 2 to as many as 12 erhus that play the same role as the violin in Western orchestras.
Ensemble: From The Top
Presenter: From The Top
Instrument: Piano