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Chip Michael: Symphony No. 2 "Birds of a Feather" - 4th Movement Murmuration by TwtrSymphony
Seeded by twtrsymphony on 18 Jan 2013
Author: Chip Michael
The final movement, "Murmuration" is a chance for the orchestra to truly emulate the flight of birds. The music shifts and flows as a flock of starlings might glide through the sky, taking sudden turns without warning, all the while keeping a cohesive form. The music form is a variation on a theme and variations. As the music is 'reduced' to a 140 beat limit, the flow of the variations actually ride overtop of each other, much like the formation of the starlings do in the murmurations. By the time the piece recapitulates the main theme, there have been six variations.
Composer: Chip Michael
Ensemble: TwtrSymphony