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"Shrimp Tale" - Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra @ Typhoon
Seeded by alanchan on 7 Feb 2013
Author: alanchanmusic From Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra debut concert on 7/30/2012 at Typhoon Restaurant Soloist: Mike Stever, trumpet | Andrew Synowiec Video: Courtesy of Typhoon Restaurant ( © 2012 Reuben Miller Shrimp Tale is a recollection of the diverse and vibrant life in Miami, where I lived between 1997-2001. The curvy narrative structure includes two contrasting thematic elements: a groove-based 5/4-meter passage and a Salsa tune that are first exposed in short passages and are juxtaposed against each other. Various thematic transformations bring out different meanings for each element, often with a sense of humor or irony.
Composer: Alan Chan