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Victoria Frances Young plays The Art of Fugue Contrapunctus 8 by J.S. Bach
Seeded by victoriayoung on 2 Apr 2013
Author: tosingatale
The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080. March 2013. Recorded in Germany. A three-voice fugue. It begins with a brand new theme unrelated to the themes in previous Contrapuncti. After several occurrences of this theme, there is a cadence in the tonic, d minor, at 1:11. Right after, another new theme appears, simultaneously with the first. These two themes work up to a climax. At 2:49, another theme, based on the original main theme of The Art of Fugue, appears alone, but hidden in the inner voice. Two more occurrences of the third theme occur, and then it abruptly disappears for a long episode. The first two themes reappear together at 3:44. Again, these two themes give way to an episode, in which B-A-C-H (b-flat, a, c, b) appears transposed up one whole step (c, b, d, c-sharp) at 4:15. Finally, at 4:22, all three themes appear together for the first time, and this statement reoccurs while the piece intensifies until the end. Imagine this: The first child is playing by himself, and later he
Artist: Victoria Young
Instrument: Piano
Period: Baroque