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"Rancho Calaveras" - a journey from farming to writing music
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** Buy "Rancho Calaveras" CD: http://www.alanchanjazzorchestra... ** Alan Chan's composition "Rancho Calaveras" for jazz orchestra was inspired by the garden at Joy/Hans' residence in Altadena, California. In this documentary Joy Lam will share with us about organic farming, and composer Alan Chan will talk about the creative process behind his work. [Duration: 7:18 minutes] This documentary was first shown on March 3, 2013, 7:30 p.m. at the Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra concert, Gateway Performance Series, West Los Angeles. Links to performance: http://www.gatewayperformanceser... Concept / Co-Director: Alan Chan Co-Director: Becca Luisell Cinematography: Becca Luissell / Elizabeth Yarwood Thanks to: Joy Lam and Hans Rosenberger, New Music USA's MetLife Creative Connections Grant
Composer: Alan Chan