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If I Could Start Again, Jeremy van Buskirk,
Seeded by pkluttik on 17 May 2013
Author: Karen Luttik
Musical Meanings: Notes from Karen about this evening This recital is an experiment in exploring connections made by the performer and listener, making "concert hall" music more relevant to daily life. Hopefully, people who don't usually find themselves within these walls will receive something of value and personally meaningful. "If I Could Start Again", the title for the first piece caught my attention. Inspired by the song "Hurt" from the 1994 album The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails, this piece for unaccompanied clarinet was created at a thoughtful and reflective time in composer Jeremy van Buskirk's life. This music portrays for me the relevance of music to everyday life. Lyrics from the song read: "If I could start again, A million miles away I would keep myself I would find a way" This piece serves as an ideal introduction to the evening. What would happen if we as musicians could 'start again' and revitalize the traditions seemingly set in stone in Concert Hal
Instrument: Clarinet ; Basset Clarinet