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"We Know Where You Live" for video, strings, sounding audience, by Tom Flaherty
Seeded by tomflaherty on 1 Jul 2013
Author: Tom Flaherty
In celebration of the Mellon Elementals Arts grant, whose focus this year is the element "earth," "We Know Where You Live" is held together with a video looking at the entire planet Earth, and with an electronic treatment of my choral piece, Lines of Reflection. The video begins with the first view of Earth from the surface of Mars, and follows with many other perspectives. The choral piece is a setting of a poem by the late Pomona English professor Richard Barnes, written for the late Pomona Music professor Richard Loucks. Words from the opening line "So beautiful, this earth. . ." are occasionally recognizable. A recording of the Pomona College Choir, conducted by Professor Donna M. Di Grazia in its 2001 premiere performance, is the source of all the electronic sounds in the piece. In addition to providing the pleasure of viewing the spectacular photographs that fellow humans have made available on public domain sites, and of revisiting several generations of Pomona faculty and stude
Composer: Tom Flaherty