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SONiC: Sounds of a New Century 2011
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Author: AmCompOrch
Welcome to SONiC, a New York City-wide Festival of Sounds Of a New Century, October 14 -- 22, 2011. A decade into this new millennium of ours, the soundscape of the new century is being written and re-written by a new generation of composers. All the music is new, as in 21st century new, written by composers age 40 and under. SONiC presents the largest and most startling array of what new composers are up to now, with 9 days of concerts, 16 ensembles, and more than 100 composers. Thanks for joining us! Derek Bermel and Stephen Gosling Festival Curators Produced by Jeremy Robins / Ibis Productions, Inc. Music "Change" by Judd Greenstein, performed by NOW Ensemble