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Kate Soper: Orchestra Underground (January 18, 2013 at Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall)
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Author: AmCompOrch
Kate Soper's world premiere of now is forever I. Orpheus and Eurydice for Voice and Orchestra is one of the pieces on American Composers Orchestra Time Travels program featuring music that explores the concept of time -- its mutability, importance, and role as an organizing principle. Soper describes her piece as, "expanding a moment out into a universe of speculation about the nature of time and the unreliability of desire . . . In dealing with this text I'm trying to find a way to paint the still core at the center of both the poem and the moment it describes -- the single slice of time in which the chain of events (Orpheus turning to look at Eurydice and her consequent banishment back to Hades) has just flickered into possibility but is not quite inevitable."