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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene Insight Panel - San Francisco Opera
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Insight Panel on Mark Adamo's The Gospel of Mary Magdalene Moderated by Director of Musical Administration, Kip Cranna. Featuring composer Mark Adamo, conductor Michael Christie, director Kevin Newbury, mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke and soprano Maria Kanyova. WORLD PREMIERE She has long been condemned as a harlot, or dismissed as a minor player in a well-known sacred narrative, but ancient manuscripts discovered in recent decades tell a very different story, giving us a striking new viewpoint on Jesus' message to humanity. Mary Magdalene is placed at the center of the story in this world premiere by Mark Adamo, a "brilliant theater composer" (The New Yorker) whose Little Women is the most frequently performed new opera of the past 20 years. Kevin Newbury, lauded for his "imagination and emotional nuance" (The New York Times), directs a resplendent cast that includes Sasha Cooke, William Burden and Maria Kanyova. Nathan Gunn, who possesses "a voice of stunning
Conductor: Michael Christie
Presenter: San Francisco Opera