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Ghostly Waltz
Seeded by jjoetownley on 17 Oct 2013
Author: J Joe Townley
The 3rd movement of my Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor Opus 2 Sheet music available at A decaying castle with its ballroom draped in dust, tattered curtains and faded antique furniture. A bell tolls at midnight and dark rhythms of the opening bars stir the spirits from their slumber. They glide down the staircase, pair, then slowly begin moving around the ballroom, swirling to the strains of a melancholy valse triste. Two separate themes are presented by the piano, the first at 0:29 and the second at 0:58. The two themes are then combined at 1:51, first played by the woodwinds and then at 2:16 where the horns take the first theme while the violins play the second. As the last notes softly resonate and then die away the specters bow to their partners and then gradually fade, awaiting the next stroke of midnight when the music will once again summon them from their eternal abode.
Composer: J Joe Townley